Synthetic - Download Now
05/10/15: Nodes & Edges - Fett & Zucker and visitors experiment with generative design. Featuring “Zeros And Ones” by J.K. Wiechert.

04/19/15: "This Little Light" from the album Mass Exodus makes an appearance in PSEUDO a short film written by Tony Abbate and directed by Carlos R. Valencia.

04/03/15: The song "Undertow" makes an appearance in A Momentary Relapse directed by Chris Fitgerald for Autre Magazine.

03/29/15: The song "Undertow" makes an appearance in Amish Mafia: The Devil's Cut - Doppel Leben on Discovery.

03.22.15: The new album Synthetic is now available for streaming and download on bandcamp, and it's free through march 31!

02.12.15: New Zodiax: The Liberator - Trailer for the new comic by Joe St.Pierre (Marvel Comics(Spider-Man), DC(Aquaman), Image, Valiant, IDW, Dynamite). Featuring "Rift" by J.K. Wiechert.

02.10.15: Perspective: A Skateboard Film - Directed by Chris Loukides. Featuring "D Plus Seven (Instrumental)" by J.K. Wiechert.

12.01.14: Stream and download every major release from 1999-Present on Bandcamp. This includes St. John's Eve (1999-2006), Machines Of Carlos Turing (2006), J.K. Wiechert (2007-Present), and JT (2013)... all of the major releases and side projects from 1999-Present.

11.22.14: Dystopia

11.19.14: Download "Synthetic" on Soundcloud for a limited time... for Free!

11.08.14: New track for your listening pleasure... Synthetic

10.31.14: Opiate Dreams

09.22.14: "Undertow" makes an appearance in Bad Girls All Star Battle (Winner Takes All) on Oxygen. You can hear the full version from the album Strange Love here.

08.09.14: New song "FU" uploaded to Bandcamp.

06.22.14: "D Plus Seven" makes an appearance in MTV's I Used To Be Fat (Olivia)... Check out the full track here from the 2010 album The Game.

06.11.14: The Dream Lives, TV ad for LaGrange College. Music by J.K. Wiechert.

05.20.14: Check out Sky Above Sound Below a video from a series of shorts titled Abstraction. Cinematographer/Editor Vanessa Gould (director of Between The Folds), music by J.K. Wiechert (licensed through Audiosocket).

05.16.14: The new album Of Blood And Pixels is available now exclusivly through Bandcamp free this weekend only! After this weekend the price is $8. Download formats: MP3, FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC, Ogg Vorbis...

10.22.13: Epitome Music brings you Ambient Tension Volume 1 a selection of mind bending, ambient, tension fueled tracks written exclusively by J.K. Wiechert and hand picked for use in film, tv and advertising.

10.04.13: Check out the new track "Destination" on Bandcamp.

10.01.13: Stream/download the new track "Down By The River" for free on Bandcamp.

09.01.13: Between The Lines is now available as a free download on Bandcamp.

08.27.13: Exciting news... Between The Lines my new collaboration with Tony Sharp ( comes out 9/1/13. It will be a free 7 track download excliusivly through Bandcamp. Check back on the first for details!

07.09.13: The new 13 track album Mass Exodus is now available exclusively through as a free download with the option to "Name Your Price". Available in these compressed and CD quality formats: MP3, FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC and Ogg Vorbis...

04.22.13: New track and free download "Zeros And Ones".

04.18.13: Listen to the new track "Android Lust" on bandcamp.

04.16.13:The French Connection uses "Checksum" in their Make A Scene advertising Campaign.

04.09.13: New song "Tyrant".

02.01.13: New song and free download "Tides".

01.28.13: New song and free download "Run".

01.13.13: "D Plus Seven" makes an appearance in MTV's True Life: Then And Now... Check out the full track here from the 2010 album The Game

01.07.13: New song and free download "One Eye On The Sun"

11.28.12: New song and free download "This Little Light"

10.15.12: License tracks from the new album Strange Love for all your film and media needs!

10.14.12: License tracks from The Void

09.22.12: Red Bull recently used the song Haunted in Red Bull Cold Rush 2012 on NBC and NBC Sports.

08.14.12: Download the new track Momenta here

07.24.12: Download the new album Strange Love for free right here!

06.24.12: Eleven:Eleven - Electric Sex (J.K. Wiechert Remix) free downlod

05.24.12: New songs added to Licensing for all your media needs.

05.23.12: New Album Strange Love Coming Soon!

04.27.12: New song from the upcoming album The Strength To Carry On

04.03.12: The song Plastic was recently used in episodes 501, 503, 505, 506, 507, and 510 of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew on VH1.

03.29.12: New song and free download...Like Tears In Rain

03.03.12: New song... Rift

01.28.12: New free track... download it... share it... Pressure Rising

01.23.12: Nike recently used "Mass Killing Technology" from the album Wasteland.

01.13.12: A couple of new TV placements... the song Reviviscence was recently used in Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew episode 202 on VH1 and Slave was recently used in Love It Or List It episode 1011 (Pliskat).

01.07.12: New free download The Pieces That Fit

11.10.11: Strange download... enjoy:)

10.31.11: 1,000,000 Miles download... Happy Halloween!

10.04.11: Something new I've been working on... free download... Mirrors And Shadows

08.02.11: The Void is on sale now! Available as a 14 track download (contains bonus track "Inward") and 13 track physical CD.

08.01.11: Download a free bonus track from The Void right here… no strings attached… enjoy :)
Full album comes out tomorrow.

07.30.11: A few various artist compilations you'll find my music on (released by the German distributor Rosenklang between 2010-2011)... you'll find most of these on Amazon and what not...

Time To Rock - Modern Rock - Vol. 3
Alternative Industrial - Vol. 3
Electronic Rock - Vol. 3
Power Rock Vocal - Vol. 1
The Battlefield Orchestral - Vol. 1
The Battlefield Orchestral - Vol. 3
Welcome To Indie Rock-Alternative - Vol. 1
Halloween Horror House - Vol. 4
Halloween Electronica - Vol. 4
Halloween Haunted House - Vol. 4
Japan Dramatic - Vol. 3

07.29.11:The void comes out in 5 days (Aug.2nd) stream a few of the new tracks right here...

07.17.11: The Void comes out Aug. 2, 2011! It will be available as a download and CD, exclusively through starting Aug. 2nd... followed by a release on Amazon, iTunes, and all the other major download sites shortly after.

06.22.11: The Store has been updated. You can now purchase The Game (2010), Wasteland (2009), Within The Dirt (2007), Building Glass Shelters (2006), and Anhedonia (2005) all in your choice of 320kbps MP3, MP3 VBR, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, and ALAC. The Game and Wasteland also available on CD. The Void (2011) coming soon...

06.13.11: J.K. Wiechert is "Featured Artist Of The Week" at IndieTracks


06.06.11: Art Lapse: The Painting Spectacle... directed, filmed, and edited by Djordjo Vidovic (pHaTdProductions), artist/art director Jason Fairchild, and music by.... me :)

01.15.11: The song Plastic was recently used in VH1's Sober House episode 205.

12.20.10: The Game is now available in CD and mp3 form through Amazon.

09.30.10: The song Plastic was recently used in Sober House Episode 203 (VH1) and Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew Episodes 301, 302, 304, and 306 (VH1). The song Slave was used in episodes 2 and 9 of Steven Seagal Lawman on A&E

08.02.10: The Game is out now and you can download the full album for free thru the end of september!

07.26.10: New song (1000 Lies) uploaded from The Game. Listen here.
Also some major site updates including new free music downloads, wallpapers, IM icons, and banners added to the extras section of the site.

07.15.10: The new album comes out Monday, Aug. 2nd as a free mp3 download exclusively from through the end of September. A physical CD release and iTunes, Amazon... release will follow shortly after. That means if you want The Game for free download it from in August/September. For more info and to listen to some of the new tracks visit the albums section and click on listen.

07.13.10: The song Slave was recently used in 13 Scarier Movie Moments on Bravo and 2 episodes of Love It Or List It on the W Network.

07.05.10: New track (Twisted Steel) available for streaming from the upcoming album The Game.

02.02.10: The song Slave was recently used in episodes 4 and 8 of Lawman on A&E.

01.19.10: A few recent song placements - The song Slave was used recently in Angel's Vs. Demons on the Discovery Channel, Hallucination was used in Scarred episodes 104 and 112 (MTV/MTV2), Macrocosm was used in Scarred episode 110 (MTV/MTV2), and the song Reaching Out Across The Front Line was used in Scarred Episode 119 (MTV/MTV2).

01.17.10: You can now stream every J.K. Wiechert/St. John's Eve album from Reviviscence (1999) - Wasteland (2009) in their entirety from the Listen section of the site.

01.07.10: Wasteland is now on Pandora.

12.01.09: Another new track (A New day) posted on Facebook.

11.07.09: Download the new song The Game for free right here. Enjoy :)

09.27.09: A few recent song placements: The songs Reviviscence and Plastic appear in episodes 205, 206, and 209 of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew on VH1. Plastic also makes an appearance in episode 101 of Sober House on VH1. The song Slave was used in the Boston episode of Man V. Food on the Travel Channel and also in Real Momentum on Logo.

07.05.09: You can now license the music of J.K. Wiechert for use in the gaming industry through Gamecues.

07.01.09: Select Tracks from all 9 J.K. Wiechert/St. John's Eve releases are now available for commercial use in the Licensing section.

06.27.09: Download Wasteland from iTunes and Napster. Visit the store for more options.

06.20.09: The songs Slave and Plastic from the album Standing In A Crowd In A Corner Near The Wall were used in MTV's Exiled: The Real Deal.

06.17.09: Wasteland is now available as a download from Amazon and Lala... more download sites will be added soon.

06.15.09: The Wasteland CD is avaiable now! Check back soon for mp3 release dates.

06.13.09: J.K. Wiechert has been chosen as a Hot New Artist at

Major update to the Licensing section. You can now license all of the tracks from the new Wasteland album for commecial use. All prices are variable according to usage, prices listed are the base price per track.

05.25.09: The new album Wasteland comes out June 15th with the mp3 download version following soon after. Go here for more info and to stream the entire album for free.

03.27.09: The song Reaching Out Accross The Frontline was recently used in the Pitbull episode of Rock Dinner on MTV. The tracks Down in the Trenches and Slave were both used in the MTV series Made (episodes: Brainiac and Karate Kid). Plastic, And So It Goes, and Hallucination made appearences in the Skate A Thon episode of MTV's Scarred.

02.01.09: Lately I've been hard at work updating and remodeling the studio as well as working on new tracks for the upcoming album. Two new photos have been added to the images section and a couple new tracks have been uploaded to the In The Studio section of the site. Enjoy. -JK

01.27.09: The song Slave was recently used in the World Finals on DirecTV. Slave, Hallucination, Plastic, and Macrocosm made appearances in the series Pantry Raid on the Style Network. Plastic, Reaching Out Across The Front Line, And So It Goes, and Hallucination were used in Scarred (episodes 115, 116, 119) and Scarred live on MTV and MTV2.

11.15.08: The song Slave from the album Standing In A Crown In A Corner Near The Wall was recently used in Speedology on National Geographic Explorer. Hallucination was recently used in 2 episodes on Confessions Of Alien Abduction on the Women's Entertainment network.

7.26.08: The songs Down In The Trenches, Slave, Plastic, and Macrocosm can be heard in the MTV series MADE. The track Plastic also makes an appearance in the HGTV series Haulin' House. Reaching Out Across The Front Line, from The album Friend Or Foe, is used in 100 Funniest Movie Moments on Bravo as well as in the History Channel series Back To The Blueprint.